Where to get some inspiration?

Before I will finally start with some no-code tools reviews and dive a little deeper to the no-code world. I would like to mention websites where you can get some inspiration. Mostly through the interviews with interesting people.

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In the last post, I was talking about task logging platforms. A lot of amazing people hanging around there. Some of them you can ask directly for advice but sometimes can help good old interview.

The maker’s movement or independent entrepreneurs, whatever you call it, is a very open world. People sharing a lot of information around their projects. Revenues, subscribers, visitors all of that you can find.

Personally, I love it. It’s great if you can see pure stats and look inside the projects a little bit. It motivates you and gives you the needed push to do something by yourself.

I am planning to make Nocodemag.com open as well. Probably at the end of the month, I will write some overview.

But back to the topic if the makers do not mention the stats directly on the websites, in the interviews usually talking openly.

Interviews are great, one of the reasons I had started this project, I want to do them as well in the near future :)). I am eager to read them.

Many websites bringing interviews, let’s take a closer look to a few of them which I find interesting and somehow I found the way to them.


MakerMag logo

Probably one of the first source of information about maker movement I discovered. I like the contribution part of the site. The makers creating content by themselves.

It’s not just about interviews but you can get some info from all part of entrepreneurship and makers world (productivity, habits, wellness, etc.).

I think the content is good. The people should know that the side projects making it’s not just about the project itself but there are lots of other important steps which lead to the final product.

Everyone struggle on the way and it’s all right.

One problem I have with the site and that’s the design. I don’t like that WordPress template. I think the biggest part of the magazine should be the reading experience. It should be simple and neat (I really try in here :D) but the Makermag kinda sucks (no hard feelings).

The elements flowing in the universe and the hero images are too big (are they even necessary). Of course, it’s just a small problem of an otherwise great magazine. 🙂


Product Hunt logo

I cannot miss the PH. You can launch your product there but also read a good post from entrepreneur world. I wouldn’t underestimate also all the feedback under the product’s launches. it can be very valuable and show you some ways where to go with your product.

With the big site like this, the content its just part of the project. Sometimes the personal view can get lost. In the interviews its huge thing which makes the interview good.


Starter Story logo

Starterstory is created by Pat Walls. The purpose is simple. The site bringing you the interviews with people from E-commerce.

One of the main concepts is that always shows the revenue of the company. Which is perfect.

I like the story behind the project. Pat’s journey is amazing and very inspiring. He is a hard worker and made a few other projects. This gonna sound funny but I probably like more the story of Starterstory than the posted interviews themselves.

I would say the range is too wide and if I would just browsing through the site I would get lost. Also, the pace of new contents uploads is crazy, for someone it can be an advantage but for me in case of interviews, it is just too much (one new interview a day).

But if you looking for something specific you definitely find the right interview for you. I like also the books subpage. Where you can see what the interviewed people reading the most.


Probably the biggest site around the independent maker’s movement. A lot of content from makers itself, sharing stats, milestones.

But also the original content from the creators such as interviews and podcasts.

Even though its well-known site I kinda haven’t used to use it. You can get nice tips from makers but I feel there is a lot of marketing bluff and self-promo (Sure you can never avoid that).

In the case of interviews, You can find good ones but some of them are really unrelatable. There is also a very thin line between the PR and interview. Just a few people can get the fundamentals from the interviewees.

Podcasting is a trend which I started to like very recently. Still, I struggle with the super long format. It’s not about the value but more about my ability to focus, which is definitely not great. Podcast over an hour is just too much for me. If someone could make a podcast from 15-20minutes it would be awesome.

One more think about Indiehackers but it’s just visual and pretty personal. I don’t like the color scheme of the sites. The default dark colors just making me feel uncomfortable.


No CS Degree logo

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned bigger websites but let’s have a look for some smaller resources.

I came across the Nocsdegree very recently. One of the reasons is cuz the site is pretty new, It is just 2 weeks old.

Anyway, its focus on interviews with successful people without a computer science degree. Even without coding skills, you can learn how to code and make good projects or get developers job.

There are really few interviews so far, but I really like the one with the Harry Dry who is known for making the dating site of Kanya West fans (yeah, crazy project haha).

The site is new, will see if can keep bringing quality content.

The only problem I have with this site is kinda the whole focus on Non-cs degree entrepreneurs. I would say, in these days it doesn’t really matter what is your background. Personally, I don’t care about this information at all. I like the stories of the founders but the university degree its just one little piece of the puzzle.

If I talk about myself its even more fun. Cuz I have a computer science degree but I cannot code – so completely opposite story. 🙂

In these days If you wanna learn something and you have motivation and strength to do so just use the power of the internet and do it. University is not needed.


It’s a very small website with interviews and other information around startups.

The content is good but it’s kinda lacking some consistency and not sure if its gonna continue or not.

all the website kinda is broken and no UX friendly but in these “perfect” times I don’t know why but it feels real and likeable.

Sure there are many more website where you can get inspired. This is just my experience. These websites crossed my path.

One of the pain points of these websites can be that the same people having interviews everywhere, so the content gets a little boring after a while cuz you have read it many times before. Sure you can always ask something else but that’s not so easy.

From my point of view, it’s really easy to slide following all the advice blindly. All the interview should be just a piece of inspiration and you can learn and use something according to your circumstances. It can never be just the step by step guide which leads your way. I wish it could be that easy too, unfortunately not.

Where are you looking for some inspiration? Let me know in the comment section. 🙂

Take care. Emil

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