The Beginning

Maybe you would say it’s not really necessary but I kinda feel I should write a post like this.

Long story short the is a new project focus on No-code tools and everything about that.

I would like to bring you a view of the No coding world. Showing cool tools, honest reviews of no-code apps, interviews with people who make no-code projects, video tours, and maybe even sharing some nice templates. is Content-based project. It means it should be all about quality content. At least I try I promise:). I wouldn’t like to slip from the path and really just focus on regular blog posts or video posts with value.


The No-code movement is real. People with great ideas but no-tech background thriving to start own projects or start-ups and no-code tools can bring their ideas to life.

And I feel it’s amazing. Working on side projects can be exhausting but if you get some feedback, viewers or customers it can be so rewarding.

I would like to describe this path and show you how easy it can be to build something (or maybe not so easy :)) cuz there is always hard work behind a successful project no matter if the code or no code.

I would like to show everything on real ideas. Yours or mine doesn’t matter. So you could have a real example of how to work with the particular no-code tool or app. I will probably focus on small features which could be part of something bigger. Not the whole projects.

I wanna be part of the movement cuz it makes a lot of sense for me. I am wandering around websites for many years but I could never make it further than basic HTML. No-code movement really resonates with me cuz I know the hassle and struggles with coding. I think not everyone can really learn how to code cuz the brain simply isn’t for coding (me included :)).

Instead of that let’s learn together how to make nice projects without code.

Take care. Emil.

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