No-Code People to follow on Twitter (2020 Edition)

Okay, guys. Another week another post.

The No-code movement is raising and many people jumping in. The hype is real.

You can think what you want about it. It’s bad, lame or stupid. No-code apps can never replace the good old coding. Another buzz word that fades away.

This blabbing around is always here and it’s all right.

No-code is sure not perfect but we shouldn’t forget the main idea about No-code. People without technical knowledge can test and evaluate their ideas without using a line of code. Just pursue the business spark and try to jump on an entrepreneurship boat.

The risk is low, you don’t need to pay for the development and that’s simply great.

OK let’s get back to the topic of this article. I would like to just point out some interesting people or projects who you should follow on Twitter which bringing tips and information from the No-code world. @nocodemag should be also on your list, hehe. 🙂

Ben Tossel

If you would have to pick just one. This is not gonna be a wrong shot. Ben Tossel brought the No-code for public and he is the No-code guru (in all the good meaning of this word). His project shows you the right apps, tutorials and much more. He is very active on Twitter so don’t miss him.

Kieran Ball

Another guy who is taking the No-coding seriously. Projects build without code and blogging about it on and soon to be launched I guess he is not gonna give up soon on the No-code movement. Follow. 🙂

Noel Lorenz

If you make not only one but more No-code projects. Sure you have something to say about it. Noel is making and and it looks he is not planning to stop any time soon.

Antony Northcutt

No-code evangelist as his twitter info says. Antony has a nice, the project which collects No-coders and a lot more.

Ryan Myher

And his No code No Problem podcast project dedicate to No-code. Yeah, there you gonna get some info there. If you like to listen to podcasts. This should be your choice.

Joe Brown

Creator of the Another community around the No-code movement. Very clean design and place you can gather some info.


If you put No-code into your Twitter name. Sure you take it seriously. Do you wanna attend some meetup about No-code in London. Get in touch with this guy.

Bram Kanstein

Bram has a No-code course He is teaching people around the world how to build and validate their ideas without coding. Very nice project. Do not forget to follow him.


I made just a simple No-code T-shirt design on Teespring. Do not hesitate to get one 🙂

… and sure many more. If you think I missed someone. Just keep the comment below or on Twitter. 🙂

Keep No-coding. Emil.

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