Makerlog vs vs Producthunt/makers

If you are at the beginning of your making journey part of the process is kinda dive into the Makers community. Sure it doesn’t need to be a rule but I guess most of the people get stick with some websites I am gonna mention below.

I am pretty fresh to the community too so please excuse if I am gonna forget some source of information (do not hesitate to contact me I would be glad to add your suggestions 🙂 ) vs Makerlog vs PH makers

I am gonna focus just one website which crossed my path and I found them interesting. Need to make some limitation otherwise would be this post neverending.

So let’s get started.

I think I missed the biggest hype of “open task logging” platforms. People openly log tasks about their projects and try to stay productive with the help of streaks (not miss a day) and support of fellow makers.

The concept is great but it’s not enough. If you wanna get the most of it. You need to have a clear path with tasks to do which leads to final product or improvements of your current product.

It doesn’t help you to pick the right tasks or right way how to do it. Which brings me the biggest advantage of these platforms and its communities.

Your logged tasks are not the most important part. The community is the most important.

Seeing what other people do, getting answers in the community forums, get connect through social networks. That’s the key.

But which one to choose?

Few points I have to mention. Even though the Makers community is blooming. It’s still a pretty small group of people. You can see the same people across all the websites. It means that it doesn’t really matter where you decide to stay. Am I only one who sees it? Seriously, guys, this point is valid or do you disagree?. I am gonna take a closer look to Makerlog,, and Producthunt/makers websites below.

My personal decision would be sticking with one and go deep, be active in the community, participate in community events, connect with people outside of the platform. You give the most but you get the most. Do not be afraid you are missing something out, your time is limited and if you would like to be active everywhere you wouldn’t do anything else. As I said the people across the platforms are the almost same the trade-off is not that bad.

Just choose one of the websites which you like the most. It can be UX, how to log the tasks, special features, your friends there. It really doesn’t matter if you wanna go the right way.

I do not talk about if you wanna use the platforms just for marketing purpose and share your products, still, you need to be active otherwise the community not gonna be happy and can give you some hate (even though they are nice haha).

Maekrlog logo

Why Makerlog is the first? Cuz I choose this website as my number one. Unfair advantage of this review? I don’t think so cuz I can see the more flaws if I am actively using it.

Makerlog was made by Sergio Matei (@matteing). It’s a young entrepreneur who is skilled as crazy and making amazing products (Makerlog included).


What is important to say. The basic version of Makerlog is for free. For most of us it’s a big advantage. If you not sure if you gonna stick with the habit or you wanna try how these platforms work, go with the Makerlog.

The community is super supportive and if you struggling with something or you wanna just ask question according to your product you can get valuable feedback if not directly on the website, definitely on Twitter.


From my personal use, I can see, the community is not that active in case of questions and answers. if there is some topic a really few people getting involved

I am not sure if I am right (I wasn’t there in beginning) but I think that Makerlog came out as a free alternative for So for someone, it can be taken just as a copycat.

The feed of tasks it’s not really tempting to explore. My eyes rarely get interested in other people logs.

Even though the pro version was added if it’s something for free it can be the biggest disadvantage as well. The maker can lost interest in improving, if are not getting anything (view of the maker). There can be a bigger amount of spammy users (as I mentioned before who just promote their stuff) if you pay for something you have a bigger motivation to stick with it (view of the user).

I would be stricter in case of tasks that can be logged. A lot of people logging a lot of personal bluffs which are not really connected to any product making just to keep the streak alive (me included). If we wanna keep the main purpose of making and shipping products and improving them every day. There should be some rules what can be logged. logo is made by Mark Kohlbrugge (@marckohlbrugge). I think this platform was first of his kind. Popularized a lot by the good old Pieter Levels.

My view outside of the platform. Let’s try.


It’s a leader of the market. With strong Maker behind (with a lot of succesful projects)

It’s paid (20USD a month) it means the maker has money and motivation to improve the platform. If you are willing to pay this amount of money you are more motivated to actually using it and be active. It’s beneficial for you and for other users as well.

From the outside view, the community is more active inside the platform.


As I mentioned it’s paid. The monthly fee is quite high without any trial option. I do not have anything again paying for something but if there would be some limited period of time to try the platform that would be great.

Product Hunts makers logo

I think its the newest one task logging platform. Part of the well-known which the making journey starting for most of us.

The PH tries to hop on to the hype and came up with it but part of the website. PH is made by Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover) and his team.


The strong name behind the project. One of the first things that pop up into your mind in case of new products, apps or whatever you can think of is Product hunt. A website which helps the products to be discovered and makers get some fame. Launching a new product it’s almost equal Product Hunt (Indie makers the most).

It’s for free, you can use it as you want and pay nothing. (the business is elsewhere that’s why I have it just in advantages section).

If you like to have attention on just one website and don’t wanna go out of PH to other websites. Pick this one.

I like the spaces feature. You can focus just on the specific community close to your products or interests.


Product Hunt is known for launching products and the main focus should be there. I feel the maker’s sub-page is there just to keep up with the flow and trend.

Later in the game. Harder to keep there the makers.

Okay, that’s it for today.

There are definitely more websites on a similar base. In today’s post, I focused just the once which main feature is to log tasks or better to say the one which they have been made for.

It’s my honest personal view. I can be wrong so take it easy and don’t take it too personally. 🙂 As I mentioned the main feature is the same across all the websites, pick one and stick with it. You can even migrate from one to another (at least the Makerlog has this feature).

Which one is your favorite? Leave the comment here I am gonna be happy to hear your opinion.

I am gonna be improving the post according to your comments! 🙂

Take care. Emil

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