Let’s track some habits (free Coda template)

One small change now can make a great impact in the future. There are many books about habits, how to make good ones and avoid the bad ones. I can mention books as Atomic Habits by James Clear and Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (sure there are many more).

Simplest Habits Tracker - Coda.io document

Anyway, there is no question that keeping healthy habits leads to a better life. It’s not easy, books I mentioned earlier giving you some tips on how to stick with it.

I can recommend starting small with little steps and by the time improve.

Do not follow blindly what others say, pick the habits which fit you.

Try to picking habits which help you achieve your goals or improve in the direction of your life you wanna move forward.

We cannot all be the most influential CEOs :).

Get inspired but do it your way, it’s just your life.

One of the tools which can help you stick with the right habits is to track your habits. It’s simple, just mark in the calendar every day that you did that particular thing and do not break the chain. It motivates you to continue.

I made a simple habits tracking tool in Coda.


It’s a super simple tracker but it makes the work.

I am a big fan of streaks, sure it shouldn’t be the main reason why you doing something but if that kicks your ass to move, why not.

As an example, here are a few habits I am tracking on and doing daily.

  • Writing 10 ideas a day – I was talking about this habit in the IdeasKeeper post
  • Reading a little bit daily – I like to read so this kinda natural to me
  • Writing 200 words daily – I would like to keep improving my writing skills
  • Logging some tasks on the Makerlog – Seeing what is going on around, try to catch up with the community
  • Recording a diary – just little talk to myself with a recap of the day (I called it Selfcast)
  • Duolingo exercises – learning Spanish (currently over 228 days streak)

Almost all of them I started to do at the beginning of this year and I keep going. I also try to keep scheduled posts on my side projects, never miss a particular day, which I am somehow still able to manage :).

Ok, that’s it for today. Hope you gonna like the Simplest Habits Tracker Coda document or at least you gonna get inspired. 🙂

Which habits are you keeping and why? Leave a comment :).

Which habits would you like to add into your daily schedule?

Take care. Emil