How to add subscription form – WordPress + MailChimp

Today’s post is gonna be a little shorter, but more practical. I am gonna add the subscription form to my articles.

If you start an online project, part of the process should be to start collecting email addresses. (Sure just if it makes sense for your particular project)

Mailchimp + WordPress

For Nocodemag it makes sense. I wanna sending with my newsletters some behind the scenes information and kinda collaborate with my readers more.

But how to make it?

Let’s make it clear in the beginning. I am gonna add just easy form at the end of every post and that’s it. I hate if some pop-ups subscription attacking me on every visit and if I don’t like something I don’t wanna do it to my readers either.

I am gonna go the safe way and will use just the tools I know MailChimp and WordPress.

I will not use WordPress plugin just simple code directly from MailChimp. I think it’s the easiest way.

The process is super simple. You need to just make an account on MailChimp, create an audience.

Open the audience and go to the signup forms, then select the embedded forms. For Nocodemag, I picked the easy horizontal form.

I know this is No-code magazine but a little bit of code never killed anyone.:) So the next step is just to copy the code form the MailChimp and paste I into the HTML block in the WordPress and that’s it. Simple like that:).

If you wanna play with the code you can adjust the background color and font color. I wanted to stand it out a little bit more but not get too crazy.

And that’s it :). You can see how easy it can be. Just simple line of code and you can start collecting the emails.

Hope this post helped you a little bit with the emails hassle. I guess it’s gonna be a similar process across all the email providers.

Now if you gonna set the subscription form you just need to work with your audience but that’s a story for another post 🙂

One last step before you go .. Don’t forget to subscribe to my bright new mailing list. 🙂

Take care. Emil