10 Ideas a day – IdeasKeeper (Coda.io free template)

I introduced you Coda and Notion in the last post. The note-taking apps where you can collect your thoughts and actually get your life a little bit organized.

Another step before every project. Is to get an IDEA. The idea is a wide concept. It can be everything that comes to your mind.

Free Coda.io template - IdeasKeeper

But what about if I do not have any ideas? Simply build the Idea Muscle. It can be a little hassle but who said its gonna be easy, right. 🙂

Unfortunately or fortunately this idea isn’t mine. A few months back I got inspired by James Altucher who came with his Idea machine. It’s a simple habit which helps you build your muscle.

The process is easy just write
10 Ideas every day and keep it as a habit.

I try it by myself and since the 22nd of January 2019, I keep doing it and it’s fun. So until this day, it’s about 1820 ideas written down (spoiler alert this magazine came from it). As you can guess most of them are stupid 😀 but if even just one good one came out of this habit you can take it as a successful experiment.

You can write down literally everything from business ideas, personal thoughts, book quotes, blog post topics, etc., Sky is the limit.

You can simplify it and focus just on one category (one project) and keep moving forward. It gives you time to think about it a little deeper.

Anyway, how to keep your ideas.

Most of the time I use just the paper notebook (see the pictures below). 50 lists – a little paper notebook which easily fits into your pocket. You can take it with yourself everywhere and I recommend to do it the same way. It’s fast and simple.

What is worse it gets messy after a while (hope I am not the only one haha). You can not really keep track of your ideas and maybe some future billion-dollar idea gets lost in the pages. That’s why I transform the Idea of “10 ideas a day” into the Coda.io document IdeasKeeper which you can copy for free at the and of this post.

It’s super simple but it gives you some organization in your ideas flow. It’s a basic document. It’s already second version cuz the first one was too complicated.

You can easily write down your ideas without any distraction or if you wanna some of the ideas emphasize, you can do it just with easy prefixes. It helps to show you the most promising ones (of course just according to your opinion).

I was struggling with the evaluation of the ideas a lot. In the first version, there were a lot of additional columns such as Money To Invest, if I can do it just by myself, the actual stars evaluation. (You can see the first version of the doc in my very first video on the youtube channel here)

Its looked reasonable but after a while, it got pretty tiring to even filling the document if you don’t like to fill your own doc it’s not a really good thing hehe. I got rid of it. The easy prefixes are perfect for the evaluation cuz you already think about all pros and cons of the ideas in your mind and if it’s worth it just emphasize it with colorful background.

Sure someone whose handwriting is neat and doesn’t mind to use some markers can make his paper form already organized and doesn’t need any interactive document.

Anyway according to my experience you should simplify everything and using markers take some time which could stop you from doing this habit and losing your streaks. So to avoid this hassle just make fast simple notes without much caring about the neatness. 🙂

Some of the tips on how to keep your ideas (my experience):

Writing the ideas down during all your day but keep some space for ideas which you can write down at night right before sleeping (I like to think about the past day and write down some thoughts, of course, you can write additional ideas to the next day).

Use the paper notebook for sure, it gives you some sort of real object that you can carry with you everywhere I also like how the notebook getting used, with all the flaws and broken pages.

Use the Coda doc or whatever electronic form you choose just once a week or in the longer interval, you don’t get overwhelmed with filling it every day and actually if you take some time to reread and rethink the ideas it can help you to see other connections and you can reevaluate the ideas.

If there is a promising idea, try to think about the next steps to proceed. It’s easy with blog post topics, you can start writing but little harder with business ideas. (you need to call someone, start a website, ask a friend for feedback, etc.). Just do not hesitate.

Finally the promised template you can get with the link below. Just get into the Coda and in the right upper corner press “Copy doc.


* Please be aware you need to make Coda.io account if you wanna use the IdeaKeeper document

* I am aware the document is not perfect, please don’t hesitate to edit it according to your needs 🙂

Don’t be afraid to comment on this post, give us feedback or answer questions below 🙂

Do you have any other tips on how to organize your thought or ideas? Feel free to share with us in the comment section. I would be happy to hear about it.

Do you have any interesting idea you are working on right now? You can share it in the comment section and get some feedback 🙂

Take care. Emil.

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