Softools – Using No-Code to quickly respond to COVID-19 challenges

Softools is an advanced no-code platform that enables ‘citizen developers’ to quickly create business applications. These applications digitize business processes across the corporate value chain (supply chain management, operations, finance, go-to-market, etc.) to provide better visibility, collaboration, and control. The global spread of COVID-19 has forced us all to swiftly adapt the way we work … Read more

No-Code People to follow on Twitter (2020 Edition)

Okay, guys. Another week another post. The No-code movement is raising and many people jumping in. The hype is real. You can think what you want about it. It’s bad, lame or stupid. No-code apps can never replace the good old coding. Another buzz word that fades away. This blabbing around is always here and … Read more

Where to find more info about No-Code World

Are you new in the No-code world? Do not know where to get more info about this amazing movement. Except for this magazine. Yees we are back, hooray. 🙂 I am gonna write down a few websites or other sources that are full of great content and information about no-code tutorials and apps. Okay, … Read more

Self-help and motivational books tips

Recently I read a lot of self-help/motivation book. I wouldn’t say is the only way how to be successful, read a lot, read like CEO but it can be a good source of inspiration (same as interviews). Also, you can be caught in a circle of reading instead of doing something so be aware of … Read more

How to add subscription form – WordPress + MailChimp

Today’s post is gonna be a little shorter, but more practical. I am gonna add the subscription form to my articles. If you start an online project, part of the process should be to start collecting email addresses. (Sure just if it makes sense for your particular project) For Nocodemag it makes sense. I wanna … Read more

Where to get some inspiration?

Before I will finally start with some no-code tools reviews and dive a little deeper to the no-code world. I would like to mention websites where you can get some inspiration. Mostly through the interviews with interesting people. In the last post, I was talking about task logging platforms. A lot of amazing people hanging … Read more

Makerlog vs vs Producthunt/makers

If you are at the beginning of your making journey part of the process is kinda dive into the Makers community. Sure it doesn’t need to be a rule but I guess most of the people get stick with some websites I am gonna mention below. I am pretty fresh to the community too so … Read more